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Summer 2020: Imagine Your Story


library programs start with a quick introduction to whales

Ok, this might look like a different take on "Imagine Your Story", but really, fairy tales CAN come true. In this case, Cynde took her childhood passion and turned it into a career. Your children will be inspired!

Cynde starts a library program with everyone all together for 15 minutes. She introduces them to whales using sounds and videos. Next, Cynde will break the kids up into three groups based on age and everyone will rotate through three stations (about 12 minutes each).  

inside the whale


The youngest group will begin inside Nile. Children will get to touch baleen, bones and teeth from real whales! Here they have the  opportunity to ask Cynde anything on their minds (within reason of course!!)   

being a researcher


Next, children will become whale researchers. Humpback whales are individually identified by the patterns on the underside of their tail. In this activity, they match humpback whale tails and learn how the whales got their names. 

imagine your story


Children will use paper, magazines, crayons to explore what they might be passionate about. (Above: Cynde childhood collection of whale trinkets led to a Guinness World Record in 2019! 

Nuts and Bolts of the Program

Who is the best audience?

This program is designed for older students. 

We can accommodate up to 60 children going into 3rd through 8th grade.


Space logistics

The whale is 43 ft long and the flippers make it 32 ft wide. As long as the diagonal of the room is 43 ft, the whale will fit. We also need 2 spaces that can be used for the break out sessions. 

If the space is available, one or two can be in the same room as the whale.  

It can be set up outside, but the conditions have to be ideal--wind, rain and heat are problematic. That said, sometimes it works out!

What if I want a younger audience?

A traditional library program has been for kids in K - 6th grade. We do the first two breakout sessions, and the last one is about marine debris and what we can do about it.

If you are interested in that for this summer, just let us know in your request.

Please remember that this too is for up to 60 children and no pre-schoolers.